What is EACC?

The Euroarctic Chamber of Commerce (EACC) was established in March 1996 in Murmansk, Russian Federation. The main goals of the EACC have been:

  • launch initiatives and cooperate with governments and organisations solving economic problems with a special attention to
  1. development of business infrastructure
  2. development of transport and communication systems
  3. development of human resources with consideration of social welfare
  • support and assist the chamber member companies carrying out their duties and tasks with emphasis on
  1. identification and development of business relations
  2. juridical and economical aspects
  3. permanent exchange of experience and information of market development and regulations
  4. training personnel and specialists
  5. solving international business disputes
  • development and improvement of the chambers organisations

In 2005 the EACC consists of following member chambers:


Lapland Chamber of Commerce
Oulu Chamber of Commerce


Finnmark Chamber of Commerce
Troms Chamber of Commerce

Russian Federation

Arkhangelsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The North Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Murmansk
Republic of  Karelia Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Komi Republic Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Norrbotten Chamber of Commerce
Västerbotten Chamber of Commerce

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